Rottler S7AD

Surfacing Machine

Machine Operations

  • Block Surfacing
  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing

  • Applicable Industries

  • Cylinder Head Shop
  • Engine Building
  • Jobber Shop
  • Motorcycle Engine
  • Performance Racing
  • Remanufacturing
  • Small Engines

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    SAD Brochure
    S7AD S8AD Optional Equipment Catalog

    The Rottler SAD machines combine cutting edge control technology with proven machine tool dry surfacing technology to give the world's most advanced CNC surfacing machines available today.

    The  S7AD is designed for the needs of the performance racing engine builder and production engine remanufacturer. The programmable downfeed is ideal when large amounts of material need to be removed in one set up and automatic cycle. Angle milling and weld removal are easily done in one cycle.

    The SAD Surfacing machines incorporate the latest Rottler Touch Screen CNC Control Technology into a programmable Surfacing Machine capable of automatic wireless  probing and multi-pass machining, automatically.

    For more information:
    See the SAD Brochure or give us a call at +1 (253) 872-7050
    • Latest CNC Control Technology - State of the art CNC Servo electronic controls make the most advanced surfacing machines available today.
    • Super Fine Surface Finish - Belt driven precision ball screw and infinitely variable speeds and feeds allows surface finished as low as 2Ra to 6Ra for today's MLS (Multi Layer Steel) head gaskets.
    • Dry Cutting System - Eliminates coolant disposal and makes clean up a breeze! Cutterhead shroud directs the chips into the chip collector and fall into a collection tray on the floor.
    • Reduced Floor Space - Compact, one piece castings and multi layer slideway guards give the most compact surfacing machines available today.
    • Wireless Height Probe - Software and probe find exact height of head gasket surface for automatic surfacing.
    • Fast Floor to Floor Time - Heads can be surfaced in less than two minutes and a pair of V8 heads in less than eight minutes.
    • Universal T Slot Base - Large, flat T Slot One Piece Mehanite Cast Iron Base allows mounting of any fixture and any job - jacks and clamps can be placed anywhere!
    • Protection and Long Life - Multi Layer Steel Guards cover and protect the slideways for extra long service life.
    For more information: See the SAD Brochure or give us a call at +1 (253) 872-7050
    • New technology Touch Screen CNC Control uses Direct Motion Control Technology and Windows 7 Operating System.
    • Conversational Touch Screen Control allows simple programming for any cylinder head such as depth of cut, multiple pass cuts, total material removal, speeds and feeds.
    • Internet connection to the machine computer must be provided for training support and service.
    • Programmable Rapid Touch Off Set Point for reduced Cycle Times
    • On completion of Automatic Cycle, Cutterhead returns to Vertical Zero Height
    • Infinitely Variable Spindle Speeds from 350 - 1800 RPM for machining different metals
    • Infinitely Variable Travel Feeds .001 - .080" (.025 - 2mm) per Cutterhead Revolution for Desired Surface Finish Roughness
    • Maximum Work Head Travel 40" (1000mm)
    • High Rapid Traverse Rate for Reduced Cycle Time - 160" (4m) per minute
    • Belt Driven Precision Ground Ball Screw for Work Head Traverse
    • Large Diameter Triple Angular Contact Bearings in Heavy Duty Hard Chromed Spindle
    • Slideways Coated with Low Friction Turcite for Durability
    • Automatic Scheduled Maintenance Monitor
    • 14" (360mm) Cutterhead. Optional 16" (420mm) Cutterhead
    • Tool holders (2) for 3/8" (9.52mm) IC round or square inserts. Optional 1/2" (12.70mm) IC Toolholders available
    • Cutterhead Guard with Chip Collection
    • Depth Dial Indicator Assembly for Rapid Touch Off on Surface to be Machined
    • Large One Piece Base Casting with three T Slots for Universal Fixture Mounting
    • Multi Piece Metal Slideway Covers protect Ball Screw and Slideways from Dust and Chips
    • Instruction and Spare Parts Manual
    Touch Screen CNC Control
    Nearly four decades ago, Rottler pioneered automation and programming by utilizing electronics and computers. Today, the SAD Surfacing machines incorporate the latest Rottler Touch Screen CNC Control Technology into a programmable Surfacing Machine capable of automatic wireless probing and multi-pass machining, automatically. Touch screen control technology make automation easy to learn, versatile to operate and upgradeable for future software. Windows operating systems and touch screen controls make a simple operator interface allowing only the buttons needed for each operation to be displayed at one time, 'hiding' the complex computer functions in the background.

    Handwheel for Manual Movement and Variable Feedrate

    The electronic handwheel of the SAD machines has many functions. For manual movement up/down or left/right, the operator is able to move the machine by rotating the handwheel just like a manual machine, this allows quick and easy set up of a new or different job. The handwheel has a clicking action and each click moves the machine an exact amount. In Coarse mode, the machine moves .010" (0.25mm) per click allowing very fast movement. In Medium mode, the machine moves .001" (.025mm) per click allowing slower movement. In fine mode, the machine moves .0001" (.002mm) per click, allowing very fine movement of the machine.

    Once the machine is operating in automatic programmed cycle, the operator is able to vary the feedrate or speed of movement from zero to 100%. This allows the operator to slow down or speed up automatic movement while not changing the programmed values. This function is ideal for operators learning the machine and checking their programs to be sure they have the best productivity and safety, and not damaging cutting tools and jobs. This function is also very useful when trying to obtain a specific surface finish defined by surface roughness measuring instruments.

    For more information: See the SAD Brochure or give us a call at +1 (253) 872-7050
    S7AD Machine Specifications American Metric
    ControlAutomatic CNC
    Touch Screen4.5"114mm
    Machine Weight3600 lbs1636 kg
    Table - Size50" x 21"1270 x 530mm
    Spindle - Rotation Speed350 to 1800 RPM
    Cutter Diameter14"360mm
    Cutter Travel (Horizontal)40"1000mm
    Cutter Travel (Vertical)6"150mm
    Max Distance - Cutting Inserts to Machine Base25"635mm
    Spindle Feeds Variable.001"-.080".025-2mm
    Rapid Travers Rate (per min)80"2032mm
    Dimensions - Machine48D x 55W x 75" H 1219D x 1397W x 1905mm H
    Dimensions - Floor Space Requirements46D x 75W"1170D x 1900Wmm
    Dimensions - Shipping67D x 77W x 82" H 1702D x 1956W x 2083mm H
    Electrical Requirements210-240V, 15A, 50/60Hz, 1Ph
    Air Requirements.5 cfm @ 90 psi14 l/min @ 6 bar
    Paint Color CodeRAL9002 (Grey White)